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When Will Wegmans Start Building in Tysons

A lot of people have been asking about the Wegmans that is slated to come to Tysons East at the Capital One headquarters. Let me say up front, there is no definitive word yet about when it will break ground. The 470′ tower has clearly been occupying most of the time and energy at the property for the past year, and will be poised to continue garnering all the attention in the short term. At some point this summer the tower will top out, leaving a massive batch plant on the property dormant.

That lack of utilization for the exterior construction crews who are mobilized, and the batch plant that is in place, may help push for an accelerated start to the Wegmans. The site of the future popular grocery store has previously been cleared for the purpose of stockpiling materials for the towers construction. With the materials dissipating it is evident that the future grocery parcel is ready made for construction to start.

Capital One Concrete Batch Plant
Capital One Concrete Batch Plant

Although a Whole Foods is also under construction in Tysons, it is located in Tysons West, a location where many of the new residential towers in Tysons East might not see as easily accessible. Wegmans is also known for their lunch pre-made stations, something that would likely be a popular choice for the ever growing employees of Capital One next door. It’s not clear if the construction is pending market analysis from the new construction — after all dynamics in Tysons are very much evolving and quickly changing, and it is hard to tell where residential and retail demand is through the transition. Hopefully a time table becomes more clear as Capital One’s construction moves from outside to inside.

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  • Freeway

    How would one hypothetically go about walking from Wegman’s to Whole Foods? The new Jones Branch connector bridge? What about from Wegman’s to Tyson’s Corner Center mall? Tyson’s needs its own infrastructural planning commission independent of Fairfax County. Someone needs to take charge to make sure sidewalks are build on both sides of every road in Tysons. Also, an increase in roadway lighting as Tysons is very dark at night. With more residences coming about, so does the nighttime foot traffic. The team at Fairfax County Public Works needs to place much greater emphasis on this or simply be replaced as they have done a poor job mitigating these problems.

  • Adrian

    I remember an article from Washington Biz Journal saying they planned to change their FDPs for the site http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2016/09/26/capital-one-sharpens-vision-for-hq-campus-with.html
    Also I do see an FDP amendment application for the site from Capital One on the planning commission schedule for the 6/21/17 meeting.

    Could it be possible they are waiting until the BOS approves this amendment before breaking ground?

  • Ervin

    I don’t think its even been approved by the BOS yet.

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