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Capital One Tysons Corner under construction


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29-Stories and Still Rising in Tysons

It has rarely been said in the DC Metro region, but a 300 foot tall skyscraper in Tysons is still getting taller. At 29-stories, the Capital One headquarters building at their Route 123 campus is already one of the top 10 tallest buildings in Northern Virginia, and will soon enter rare air when it climbs beyond the 400 foot mark. The final tower will measure 470 feet in height, making it the tallest occupied building in the region.

The curved glass panels have been going up for several months now, chasing the tower skyward. The lower levels which include the garage and conference / lobby spaces is also now glazed. The height of the tower, something that was the topic of many debates through its approval process, is really not a problem at all. Concerns with shadow levels were reduced through massing the tallest portion of the tower closer to adjacent 495, rather than by the existing Gates of McLean condos.

Capital One Tysons Corner
Capital One Tysons Corner construction

Breaking the 400 foot mark is a big deal, proving that the arbitrary height is nothing more than a number. The sales price for the most recent real estate deal in Tysons, Meridian’s acquisition of Tysons Metro Center, was $227 million for 10 acres of developed office space. Although the property is nearly fully leased, the purchase likely includes the potential for future redevelopment of the property to higher densities. Those built in land costs, combined with nearly direct access to metro, may provide encouragement for 500 to 600 foot high rises in the not too distance future. Until then, Capital One will remain the tallest — dare I say — skyscraper in our region.

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  • I can see the lights on the cranes from my bedroom window now, in central McLean. If the building is going to grow another 50% (from 300 to 470 feet) then it looks like I’ll be watching the aircraft warning lights on the finished building blink. Still, I like the progress. Just wish work would get started on Scotts Run South as that will be walking distance.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      There is news coming from that front. Can’t say now, but I think you will be very happy when I break that.

      • Will look forward to it. Unfortunately, not too much can happen until the last tenants move out of the Teqcorner building on Anderson Rd.

        Recently spent some time adding proposed buildings to the WIkipedia list of tallest buildings in Tysons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Tysons,_Virginia). I hadn’t realized before how many tall towers there are going to be on the East Tysons side.

        • TheTysonsCorner

          Nice. Some work can happen prior to closing of TEQ, cant go further into it, but let’s just say, there’s no sign Cityline is planning to sit on their laurels.

  • Freeway

    About time we had some taller buildings in the region. I really hope this sets off a chain reaction (or developer war) to see who can and will build taller. I’d love to see 600 foot and taller.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      I thought the Boro had enough P&Z capital built up from what they are performing at their property (ie really a huge focus on public good/retail that the county desperately wants to happen) that they could have proposed their building along Route 7 directly adjacent to metro at whatever height they wanted.

      That being said, they aren’t building that tower in this first phase, and it’s a planned office — it won’t be built until commercial real estate picks back up — so there is still a possibility in the future with an FDP/RZ that requests a change to the proposed height. I think for decades there has been an arbitrary idea of the 400′ limit. This has been shattered now, and given there really is no reason to limit height if the geology/economics make sense, why not let loose if a property is directly on transit. PS this is how we get transit that actually pays back for itself, like the Japanese model. It’s win win

  • Skyline Seeker

    Finally some taller buildings in the state of Virginia!

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