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Amazon HQ2 Fun In Tysons

When Amazon announced it as looking to build a second headquarters office last week, one that would house up to 50,000 employees, the city planning community exploded in speculation and salivation over the prospect of landing the biggest white whale business out there. As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon coming to town would make […]

The Sports Junkies Make Tysons Biergarten Their Pre-game Show Spot

Ask any local what the best sports radio show is, and the Junkies will be the answer. These guys have been combining humor, reflecting on life, and talking sports since I was in elementary school, long before Cakes masterfully concealed his Baltimore accent. It’s become a tradition before Skins games to listen to the Junkies […]
Construction Update

Tysons Central Getting Ready to Rise

It has been almost 9 months since we last discussed Tysons Central’s first phase, the Lumen apartments. The project is a 32-story mixed use tower that is the first entry by NV Commercial into the new Tysons, with developer Kettler. We haven’t discussed it much because until now the project has been digging deeper and […]
Urban Planning

Cityline Sees Success at Haden, Looks to Next Phase

It was not that long ago we were tracking the progress of construction at Scotts Run South’s first phase, The Haden apartments. The project is the first parcel you see when entering from the McLean side of Tysons, so it quickly became a billboard project for where the future of Tysons was heading. At the […]
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