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Feb 08, 2017 
Tysons West District Taco

Feb 12, 2016 

Nov 11, 2015 

Nouvelle Apartments May Land First New Restaurant On Westpark Drive

For over a decade the only food choice for residents living along Westpark Drive, a walkable street in North Tysons which is home to 5,000 residents, was McCormick & Schmick’s. When Cityline Partners proposed a mixed use developed call Arbor Row full of future restaurants and store fronts, there were many skeptics despite this minimal […]

Oct 20, 2015 

American Tandoor Opening At Tysons Corner Center

Tysons has a lot of great international food options and the list is continuing to grow. The newest entry into the market is American Tandoor which is completing their renovation and fit out at Tysons Corner Center at the old Norton’s Restaurant location above CPK (or California Pizza Kitchen for those of you who haven’t […]

Sep 05, 2015 
In Review

What’s Happening In Tysons

Macerich believes in the transformative power of transit access, WMATA riders unite, a new retailer moves into Tysons, and the plaza gets its final tenant. SV’s Got The Magic, Magic, Magic (WBJ) Macerich Tells Washington Business Journal about the magic of rail and why they are pushing for their residential build out at Tysons Corner Center. […]

Jul 13, 2015 

Food Truck Scene In Tysons Explodes In Popularity

When Governor Terry McAuliffe visited Tysons less than two months ago to sign legislation taking VDOT out of the equation for food truck regulations, he selected a fairly popular spot that initiated much of the debate right here in Tysons. Just outside of the headquarters for Fortune 500s SAIC and Booz Allen a daily inflow […]

May 20, 2015 

Levant and Crust Pizza Show Signs of Maturing Urbanism In Tysons

Tucked away from the main thoroughfare of Route 123 on the west side of Tysons, two new restaurants which are opening without major fanfare, are showing there is life outside of the new high-rises climbing the Tysons skyline. Over the past few months the small retail property located near the intersection of Old Courthouse Road and […]

Oct 22, 2014 

Tysons Food Truck Scene Being Killed By VDOT Over Regulation

Last month we alerted readers to police ticketing food truck vendors at one of the most popular spots in Tysons, Solutions Drive. The public road is directly adjacent to a dozen mid-rise office buildings, housing thousands of employees who enjoyed the lunch time options. It was starting to exceed even more popular spots in DC […]

Sep 22, 2014 

Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival a Success

The line at Porkus Maximus was about as much proof as you needed that combining good drinks with spit fired and smoked barbecue is going to be popular, especially when there’s metro access running (finally). Saturday was the first annual BB.BBQ Fest for Tysons, an event that has been hosted in other parts of our […]

Sep 16, 2014 

Food Trucks Facing Tickets In Tysons Again

When Fairfax County announced they would be pursuing sensible regulations to allow food truck operation in Tysons last year, it seemed like a brewing problem between local police and permit carrying food truck vendors was avoided. The issue was stirred up again yesterday as several food trucks were told to move on by Fairfax County […]