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This Saturday from 10am to 5pm, join TEDxTysons for a discussion of how one person can fuel change in society. The event is being held at the Capital One auditorium and will focus on people in our communities who are using their voice, their actions, and their abilities to lead change. The discussion will include topics from our region and projects that are inspiring changes locally, nationwide, and globally.


2017 TEDxTysons
This Saturday’s TEDxTysons event explores how people, ideas, and projects create impact.

In a city that is changing more than any location in the DC Metro, Tysons is the perfect place to talk about how individuals can make real impacts. In big cities, there is often a structure of control in place that makes it difficult for voices to be heard. In Tysons, a locality still in the making, small decisions and local support from even a handful of folks can mean the difference between an inspiring vision and the status quo.

The speakers for this years TEDxTysons are really intriguing. Local celebrities, inspiring stories, and brilliant business minds will be featured, but I find it, from an urbanism point of view, very interesting that Joel Garreau will speak. For those unfamiliar with his books, he was the first person to put Tysons on the map, back in the 1980s, calling it America’s prototypical edge city. Back then, Tysons was an ever growing suburban office park of major companies. It will be illuminating to hear what he thinks of this little edge city now, and where its future may lead.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

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