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Capital One Tysons Construction 2017

Construction Update from Capital One

Capital One’s high rise is one of the best advertisements for how Tysons is booming. The future headquarters building isn’t just going to be the tallest building in the region, it will also house the headquarters of Fortune 500 company Capital One, providing space for the company’s expansion plans.

The building’s location, directly adjacent to 495, is like a 400 foot tall billboard telling commuters¬†about the successes that Tysons has had, especially since the passing of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. That master plan for Tysons kickstarted one of the biggest construction booms our area has ever seen.

The tower is still rising. Construction towers have recently added a new segment to allow the tower to grow taller. Exterior construction will wrap up later this year, and the office looks to be on pace to open early in 2018.

Capital One headquarters rendering night view

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