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Region’s Tallest Building Really Rising in Tysons

It was almost two months ago when we last focused on the new Capital One tower rising in East Tysons. Since that time the construction has climbed higher and higher on its journey to becoming the tallest occupied building in the Washington region. At that time the building was just beginning to overshadow the current Capital One headquarters tower, located directly next door. Today the building has long forgotten its neighbor, and is now approaching the same height as Tysons Tower (although the ground elevation of Capital One makes it optically less significant).

We also learned this week that Capital One and Fairfax County have come to an agreement to provide a community performance space as part of their plans for the overall property, as reported by the McLean Patch. The space will double as an educational space for schools as well. Perhaps 1st Stage Theater is interested in special (maybe larger) shows being planned there as well.

The performance space has not yet begun construction, but Supervisor Bulova believes it should be open by 2019. The 470 foot Capital One Tower should be complete long before then, as construction continues at amazing speed. Hopefully, as the building gets close to topping out, crews and planners will recognize the significance of the tower and celebrate accordingly — and invite me to take some photos.

  • Any idea what the current height is up to? That would make it easier to visualize what the final height will look like.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      The top of the garage plinth should be right around 80′, and you got about 15 stories above that right now (of the total 32), so it should be just around 250′ tall. This picture actually is a good framing for visualizing the final height, the silver line is right around the garage plinth level from this angle. As it’s about 15 stories of the total 32, the building portion above the Silver Line in the photo will end up being about double that height.

  • Kent Holland

    How many occupied floors will there be? It seems I’ve heard approximately 40 floors, but does that include the parking garage?

    • TheTysonsCorner

      32 floors above the parking garage and plinth. In terms of total occupied, its tricky because I believe the parking garage is on some levels that are also occupied.

  • Joe

    Any new updated pics yet? Cant wait to see how its going!

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