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Nouvelle Apartments Exterior Nearly Complete

It’s always fun to watch the progress in construction at Nouvelle Apartments. The 27-story high rise is a prominent feature from the Silver Line, the Beltway, and Route 123. What will ultimately make the project a success or failure will be its inter-relation with the surrounding neighborhood and street level, but one can still appreciate the architecture as a whole.

The tower massing isn’t a departure from typical brick facade condominiums one could find in Ballston or Clarendon, but the avoidance of the traditional redbrick, the use of full height glass on several building corners, and the high contrast of the black brick give Nouvelle a unique look.

In the foreground the existing three story AMT (American Manufacturing Technology) building looks miniature in comparison. The large banner on the aging office building has been up for nearly a year, indicating the future design of the parcel, to remain AMT office and conference space. No word yet from AMT one when that project may start, but new signs have been popping up in front of the building discussing aspects of the future all glass mid-rise tower.

With Nouvelle’s exterior nearly complete crews will transition to completing the interior spaces and the ground level retail. No word yet on any tenants. Expect the tower to open as scheduled sometime in Quarter 1 of 2016.


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