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Apr 15, 2017 
Arbor Row Parcel A

Feb 11, 2017 
Home Properties at Arbor Row Tysons

Jul 23, 2015 

Cityline Preparing To Demolish Another Building?

The folks at Cityline must have an appetite for destruction. A month ago they tore down an aging mid-rise office building on the Johnson Parcel, they tore down the old offices where the McLean metro parking is now, they tore down the outdated mushroom building on Anderson Road, and now they are fencing off their own […]

Jun 29, 2015 

Nouvelle Apartments Exterior Nearly Complete

It’s always fun to watch the progress in construction at Nouvelle Apartments. The 27-story high rise is a prominent feature from the Silver Line, the Beltway, and Route 123. What will ultimately make the project a success or failure will be its inter-relation with the surrounding neighborhood and street level, but one can still appreciate the architecture […]

May 28, 2015 

Johnson Building On Colshire Drive Being Demolished

It came as a surprise, when I happened to be in the McLean Station area yesterday, to see another construction project underway that no one had been talking about. The aging and long abandoned Johnson Building on Colshire Drive was being ripped apart for demolition. The old building is directly next to MITRE Building 4 […]