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Arbor Row Parcel A clearing and leveling

Arbor Row Block A Still Digging and Up For Sale?

Got a few dozen million dollars laying around? Well it could come in handy based on a new listing by Cushman Wakefield, on behalf of Home Properties, at Arbor Row Block A. The sale would hand over the property to the buyer with full entitlements to build nearly 700 residential units. If you recall, Home Properties originally purchased the parcel from Cityline, who owns and obtained rezoning approval for the overall Arbor Row project.

In the meantime, prior to whomever ultimately takes over the property, the site is being cleared and leveled to provide the best opportunity to quick start. This is the equivalent of painting the walls a buyer friendly beige, and clearing out all the junk in your house, before listing. Given the new listing, our previous article regarding a hopeful wish of construction starting soon will be unlikely. But the good news is, Renaissance Centro, two parcels to the east, could break ground any week. So if you are a construction junkie like me, you’ll soon have a new project to watch climb.

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