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Home Properties at Arbor Row Tysons, rendering by Design Collective

Demolition at Arbor Row Sets Way For Phase 2

It’s been over a year since the Nouvelle apartments — the first phase of Cityline’s Arbor Row development on Westpark Drive — opened for leasing. The rezoning has several parcels however, and it looks like another step has been taken forward to progress the development.

Demolition at Arbor Row Parcel A Tysons
Demolition at Arbor Row Parcel A Tysons

Arbor Row Parcel A will bring several apartment units to the market, 427 to be exact, as well as 8,000 square feet of much needed retail. The site was previously developed as a mid rise office building, one of the first generation built in Tysons. Home Properties signed a parcel contract with Cityline several years ago to develop the site, but have been tentative to join the building boom happening in town as of yet. The first step is the demolition of the existing office building, which helps make way for the big plans.

Arbor Row Parcel A, before demolition in Tysons
Arbor Row Parcel A, before demolition in Tysons

It’s certainly feels different now that the previous 6-story building is gone. It will become even more so when the new apartment project is completed.

Arbor Row Parcel A after construction in Tysons
Arbor Row Parcel A after construction in Tysons

We hope the demolition means construction is around the corner. With winter ending, it is a great time to start excavating for foundations.

Feature image rendering by Design Collective

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