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Oct 27, 2016 
Arbor Row pedestrian bridge in the fall

Jul 23, 2016 

Apr 01, 2016 

Apr 08, 2015 

Arbor Row Stream Restoration Nearly Complete

Last summer we took a look at a stream restoration project being undertaken by the Arbor Row development, owned by Cityline, as part of the rezoning approval. The restoration is located in a previously ignored stream valley in North Tysons between the MITRE campus and Kaiser Permanente. The overall concept for the stream restoration was […]

Oct 14, 2014 

Ovation Vertical Walk Park Complete

It’s not the pedestrian solution to walkability most North Tysons residents have been hoping for, but it is a start at least. The Ovation apartment park (and walkway) connecting Park Crest with sidewalks along Westpark Drive is complete and looking pretty good. Benches, water features, a winding path as well as a curved stair case […]

Jul 07, 2014 

Arbor Row Tysons Stream Restoration Trail Installation

Stream Restoration and Trail Tysons
It might not look like much right now, but what used to be an overgrown and non-maintained stream valley on Westpark Drive in Tysons has undergone a significant transformation. Stream restoration crews associated with the Arbor Row project began implementing modifications to the stream valley earlier this year including: shallowing of the stream, removing debris, […]
Stream Restoration and Trail Tysons

Apr 24, 2014 
Green Space

Public Meeting On Tysons Park System Concept Plan

I was able to attend the Fairfax County Park Authority meeting yesterday which discussed the new Tysons Park System Concept Plan. We previously summarized many of the elements of the plan in a previous post, but the meeting brought up some interesting clarifications we were not aware of. The concept for the trail loop is […]

Apr 22, 2014 
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Tysons Park System Concept Plan

This past week Fairfax County posted their first draft of the new Tysons Park System Concept Plan, which serves as one part master plan, one part “where we are” in terms of agreements and existing parks in the growing city. It’s an important step to help iron out the goals and interaction of open spaces […]

Mar 31, 2014 

Stream Restoration Underway Along Westpark

Residents in North Tysons living along Westpark Drive have likely noticed the bulldozers and construction occurring far below the embankments of Westpark Drive. Some may think this is part of a new development project and be concerned about the destruction of vegetation and natural habitat along the sensitive stream channel. In fact the project has […]