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The Boro Tysons in May 2017

Plenty of Tower Cranes at the Just Visible Boro

In a little over a year and a half the neighborhood of the Boro will be one of the hottest spots in Tysons, but right now it is barely visible above ground. ¬†With five¬†separate tower cranes in place, a new record for any development in Tysons, the Boro has plans to go from parking lot to mixed use haven in one step — well actually it still has multiple phases to follow on afterward.

Unlike any other project in Tysons, the Boro looks to create an entire community out of nothing, similar to what Mosaic accomplished in Merrifield.

Aerial view: The Boro (Credit: The Meridian Group).

The future Boro phase 1 will have a much anticipated Whole Foods, high end movie theater, loads of ground level retail, and lots of new apartments. Since the project plans to bring all of these elements to fruition at the same time, they needed a lot more tower cranes than other projects in town.

Rending of The Boro (Credit: The Meridian Group)

I look forward to watching this project climb. Although it won’t be one of the tallest projects, or even one of the biggest in Tysons, it will be the first to attempt multiple buildings at once that tries to fit into the street level and bring the urban mix of uses that is much needed.


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