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Commons of McLean Updates

CommonsFoundationIt’s not much to look at but the completion of foundation work and the assembly of the tower crane at the Commons of McLean project is a major step forward for HOAR construction. The 319 unit apartment is only the first of a seven building complex which will transform the low-rise aging apartments along the unwalkable Anderson Road into a transit oriented neighborhood adjacent to a growing retail mix.

The McLean Station region of Tysons has some benefits going for it, being closer to downtown DC, adjacent to several smaller road grid links to Falls Church and McLean, and notably a soil strata that is helping avoid massive above ground parking pedestals. Many people have criticized the massive parking garages seen above ground in the western portions of Tysons, but the cause of those structures is largely outside of the control of the developers building them (although a parking diet could help).

CommonsBuilding1RenderAesthetically speaking, the lack of above ground garages helps both with the architecture of the building (it’s nearly impossible to create a good looking parking pedestal) and with the activation of the ground level. Even without ground floor retail, the absence of above ground parking assists in creating a human scale at the building and by itself encourages walkability. Although Commons of McLean will not include retail with this phase, the growth in the population in this area will help support future retail plans by Cityline.

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