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The Haden apartment is finished in Tysons

Haden Apartments Done and Looking Good

It’s been a journey watching what was once a mushroom shaped two story abandoned office turn into a really well scaled and appropriate apartment building at the gateway to Tysons on its eastern boundary. When the Haden, once called Garfield parcel, began it was an exciting event. It was the first major post-comprehensive plan apartment to come to Tysons East. Back then, Tysons had yet to add nearly two-thousand apartment units.

Although the 15-story tower isn’t the tallest tower in Tysons, it is an important part of proper housing supply in a region which has restricted growth for so long that pricing can be difficult for those in blue color and white color jobs. This building provides the option to folks looking to work near their job, relieving them of one of the biggest headaches in our region, commuting. And there are tons of jobs nearby that would support that kind of lifestyle, from Capital One to Northrup, within a 1/4 mile walk where one wouldn’t need to worry about the troubles on metro, or the gridlock on the roads.

Haden from the street
Haden from the street

That’s really what Tysons has going for it after all; prospects of a great career located nearby where you can live work and play. Congrats to JLB, looking forward to their next tower on the horizon.

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