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Rendering by WDG Architecture

Busy Planning Commission Meeting Indicates Second Wave of New Projects Coming

When the comprehensive plan was approved in 2010 it took several months before the first rezonings began trickling into the county for review. It takes time for a developer, engineers, and architects to get all of the necessary documents together to submit for even a simple rezoning, let alone one that is required to meet all of the extra conditions set in Tysons per the comprehensive plan.

Following this initial delay the flood gates opened and Fairfax County saw a surge of projects ranging from single high-rises to multi-million square foot, several phase, mega-projects that would create fully encompassing communities. These early projects attained approvals and the first few buildings from these pioneering developments began construction. Then another lull set in at Fairfax County. Most projects who were looking for rezoning approvals were part of this first wave, and typically included final development plans for their first phases concurrently.

Now that time has passed, and the first towers are filling up — and generally being viewed as successes — a new surge has begun, evident by the myriad of proposals at the Planning Commission last night. Meridian, developers of The Boro, were in front of the commission for approval of their parking structure and public recreation fields at the corner of Kidwell and Gallows. Cityline & Renaissance Centro were making their case for exchanging what was a hotel for a new condominium mixed use project at Block D of Arbor Row. And Tysons Central was back at the Planning Commission to attain approval of a Comprehensive Sign Plan — to temporarily help patrons find Clyde’s during construction, indicating that their proposed 400′ office tower may be breaking ground soon.

Of course, what everyone loves about Planning Commission meetings are all those presentation renderings.

Rendering by LandDesign
Rendering of Meridian Rec Park by LandDesign
Rendering by WDG Architecture
Rendering of Ground Floor Retail at Renaissance Centro by WDG Architecture
Rendering by Parker Rodriguez, Inc.
Rendering of Arbor Row Trail Park by Parker Rodriguez, Inc.

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