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Boro Rezoning Ready For Board Approval

It’s been a long journey towards approval for the rezoning deemed “The Boro”. The original project, which was proposed by SAIC at their corporate headquarters, took a nearly one year hiatus as the project changed hands to the Meridian Group (TMG). After working with County staff and gaining approval from the Planning Commission TMG now has all but a green light ahead of them, with a scheduled decision this week at the Board of Supervisors.

The project has made lots of news recently; first when controversy erupted over food truck ticketing, later when a public art and pocket park project was completed, and most recently when they announced plans for a flagship Whole Foods.

The Boro has been through many iterations in planning and design. At one point the project was planning to have the tallest building in Tysons, that title has since gone to Capital One. They did at one point have a lesser massing concept which didn’t utilize the proximity to metro to the greatest extent possible. Since that time it looks like the County Staff and developer TMG have ironed out the details and the project as a whole looks really great. Best of all, with a grocery chain signed, and an Final Development Plan (FDP) being approved with the rezoning, the project could break ground very soon.

The Boro will be a 4.9 million square foot mixed use development that will completely transform what is currently a suburban office park and parking lot into a neighborhood and community. It seems TMG gets that branding, entertainment, and placemaking are critical in making Tysons a destination and a home, and they have been hosting happy hour beer events, music, and artists to be part of the change.

A final decision about The Boro will occur this Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

  • Ervin

    This application is a game changer for Tysons. Coupling it with the adjacent Westpark Plaza application(not to mention the near by Tysons Central), in my opinion this will establish the most compete neighborhood in Tysons. And as you indicated with 2 anchor tenants, it will also move quite quickly. Let hope it gets approved.

    • Typically once the staff and planning commission have approved there is very little chance the BoS will disapprove; the PC is pretty good about vetting the waivers necessary prior to getting to the board since board time is limited. Then again it wouldn’t be unprecedented, so I concur, let’s hope it passes because it is a very good application.

      • Nick

        Looks like the Board discussion and approval was deferred to January 2016. Hopefully just some minor issues left to be resolved…

  • Vic

    What’s the latest on the The Boro? Thanks.

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