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Spring Hill Skyline

Tysons West Region At Spring Hill Still Developing

Given the almost 1 million square feet of construction that Greystar has already completed at Tysons West over the past 4 years, one would think there’s no more land to build on. Not true. Dozens of acres at Spring Hill Station, what Georgelas Partners see as the arts community of Tysons, remains under developed or flat out unused. That is understandable given the development of Tysons into a full city is a 35 year process still at its nascence. It’s that opportunity that makes Tysons such a huge but interesting experiment.

The Adaire is the newest high rise in Tysons West and the tallest in Tysons, currently at 360 feet. It will be joined by several additional buildings over the next decade as Spring Hill continues to develop. Thus far the fundamentals continue to support high rise construction in Tysons, as another half dozen apartment buildings are under construction or under way. Beyond filling out the massing for the neighborhood, the new towers in Tysons West will add much needed retail and public spaces for residents.

Spring Hill Adaire in Tysons

The view from the Spring Hill metro may seem sparse today, but it is going to evolve further, and these gaps we see today won’t last for long.

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