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Adaire Tysons Construction Progress

Adaire02The 34-story Adaire apartments, the second high rise tower under construction by Greystar, is one of the marquee buildings currently rising in Northern Virginia. The circular and panoramic balconies, ambitious height, plans for a second adjoining tower, and unique facade treatments make it one of the few atypical and unexpected architectural works in our area. It has been fun watching it rise and now we are starting to see some of the exterior skin and glazing go up.

The building gives two impressions at this time. One from the Route 7 direction is of a tessellated version of a Miami style tower; large teal glass broken up by sweeping white balconies. The other from North Tysons of a plain faced flat tower. The reason for the two faced approach is the future plans for an adjoining high rise connecting to the pedestal of Adaire that is yet to begin work. Eventually, and together, the two buildings will have similar treatments for their exposed faces in both the Route 7 and North Tysons directions.

It is unfortunate how much of the building is above ground parking, but some of that will be softened when future retail moves in. To date there has been no study or follow on from the county on whether or not all the parking required of these buildings is being used, utilized, and to what percentage. I know for several buildings in the area, many of which are fully or near fully occupied, there are far more open spaces than demand.

The tower is just reaching the 30th floor level now, and the facade is following behind 5 stories below. Looks like the project is on target for topping out and perhaps even enclosing before the first snow of the year.

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