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Lerner Town Square gets googled

Lerner Town Square Times Google Earth Snapshot Perfectly

Google has been extensively improving their mapping services in many urban areas around the country. The most recent improvement has taken place in Tysons, where a 3d “melt” model is now available for all of Tysons. The melt snapshot looks to have been timed perfectly for Lerner, as the most marquee event to date, Cirque Du Soleil, was captured just as it was up and running this past summer at Lerner Town Square.

The new google maps will help better understand Tysons land planning from both two and three dimensions. Another good tool to understand where improvements can be implemented, and where things are coming together (at least from the 30,000 foot level). Lerner Town Square has been doing a great job invigorating the core of Tysons with things to do on the weekend, so it is nice to see it commemorated. No word yet about what the Town Square has in store for this upcoming summer, but it will be tough to top the really world class events last year.

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Jul 28, 2016 

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