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Kurios by Cirque Du Soleil Opens in Tysons

Last Thursday, in front of a packed house, Cirque Du Soleil made its debut in Tysons and bringing one of the most energetic and famous shows to Northern Virginia. I was able to attend, and while photos inside were not allowed, I can affirm that this is the real deal show.


The event is located directly adjacent to the Tysons Corner metro station (look for the big circus tents), and is very easy to get to from anywhere in the area. The show is well laid out, a near theater in the round, and prior to the show spectators can actually get up on the stage to cross a quickly disassembled pedestrian bridge over the set.

The late 19th century steam punk vibe makes the show feel like being transported back to an era of illusion pre-dating modern technology, and yet it is the spectacular set full of technology that creates the show’s surreal atmosphere. The music is great, the performers are unreal, and the entertainment is undeniable.

Tickets are for sale for as low as $39, and the show is appropriate for families; so don’t skip your chance to see this world renowned show. The two hour show is running through mid-September in the heart of Tysons at Lerner Town Square, directly adjacent to the Tysons Corner metro station.

  • Delbert Matlock

    It would be appropriate to mention the parking issues with this show. There is no real public parking nearby. Tysons Galleria has a special entrance lane setup for "Event Parking" where they charge you $25 and there are warning signs at the other entrances regarding parking. Still, seems like a majority of the atendees are parking in the regular mall lot and walking over. I’m not sure how the mall could ever enforce the parking restriction being that people can just walk through the mall on their way from their car. Who is to know they are at the show vs. having dinner at one of the restaurants? It will be interesting to see how the mall handles this for future events at the Lerner Town Square location.

    As for the show itself, definitely worth seeing.

    • I can’t speak to all the parking options, but I know that 1800 Tysons/1750 Tysons Boulevard does have available pay for parking (I believe 1600 Tysons Blvd does as well but this is a good 5 minute walk to Lerner Town Square) and not just for this event. I believe the rate is 10 dollars there. What is lacking in Tysons is definitely onstreet parking, of the type that you may see in Arlington or DC. That is a function of poor planning/design concepts from the 1970s through the 1990s which encouraged roads to be designed as limited resistance thoroughfares, including no parking. This is changing, but it takes time as we have all seen. There is some onstreet parking in the more residential portions of Tysons including along Westbranch Drive and Park Run which is first come first served. Galleria Drive itself could certainly use some onstreet parking, as could most of Westpark Drive and Jones Branch Drive.

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