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Kingston Apartment under construction

Kingston Exterior Construction Nearly Complete

The spring and summer weather have continued to be good, and construction crews across Tysons have taken advantage of it. The LCOR / HOAR construction of the Kingston has progressed well over the past year. In January, most of the exterior facade was yet to go up and the building was still climbing structurally. The bridge was just installed at that time, as seen in this great timelapse video of its assembly.

The building exterior is now almost fully enveloped now, showing the various brick and metal material selections. The northwest corner of the tower will have the most impressive architectural statement in my opinion, with the two story glass lobby and common room. I’m looking forward to seeing that element executed. The building melds in with the architecture of the Haden well.

The neighborhood along Anderson Road has been a major construction corridor for going on five years now. Near by residents will, I’m sure, be glad to see the last of the concrete trucks for a while. The good news is, the completion of the Kingston will return a better than original streetscape to the road, with improvements to pedestrian walkways. It’s unclear when Cityline might start their next phase next door to LCOR’s Anderson Park project (which Kingston is a part of). The initiation of that project may bring back some of those construction headaches, but there is a possibility access could happen from the Colshire side of Cityline’s parcel.

Next up for the HOAR crew will be moving from exteriors to the completion of the interiors, with the goal of delivering sometime this fall.

  • Drove past just yesterday. It looks like the closed off side of Anderson is being cleaned up now. Hopefully that will reopen soon as it really causes a headache for people going south on Anderson through the Chain Bridge intersection. For some reason, an S-curve and a left turn lane don’t work well next to each other.

    Interestingly, not much appears to have happened recently with the future Birdwood Avenue to the SE of The Kingston. There is a pit with steel piles driven, but not much being done since. Not sure what the piles are needed for. Some sort of hard deck over a storm water management basin of some sort perhaps?

  • Behind the Kingston, on the big hill at the corner of Dolley Madison and Colshire Drive, there are excavators and dump trucks working. Looks like they may be starting to take down the hill.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      Will ask contacts at Cityline if they are doing earthwork soon

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