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Kingston Tysons completing facade

The Kingston Almost Done With Exteriors

In the quickly evolving skyline of Tysons East, the Kingston has been rising along side of previously completed MITRE Building 4, the Haden, and the tallest building in Tysons at Capital One’s headquarters. The Kingston represents just the first phase of a multi-year redo of the Commons of McLean apartment complex, soon to be transformed into Anderson Park.

The previous three story garden style apartments that were located where the new tower is rising housed half that of what the new Kingston tower will, with 319 units of varying sizes. Where surface parking lots previously caused downstream erosion, wasted land, and overall made buildings more isolated and setback, the new apartments will consolidate, place in a structure, and overall make more efficient. The construction of the building, which is very close to Scott’s Run, a tributary of the Potomac, will help reduce runoff from large and small storm events, and be part of the rehabilitation of the overall watershed — a requirement of all new construction in Tysons.

Kingston Tysons completing facade
Kingston Tysons completing facade

The building is looking great. Although the exterior is nearly done, there is a lot of work left on the interiors to get systems complete, flooring and framing done, and finished materials in place. The good news for neighbors is that many of the heaviest construction vehicles will be going away soon, followed by exterior improvements to Anderson Road, similar to what was done when the Haden was complete. Something I am sure many of the bike commuters to the McLean metro station have been looking forward to for a while.

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  • John Elink-Schuurman

    “,,,,bike commuters to the McLean metro” ? Um. No one is biking around Anderson Road / 123, let alone to / from McLean metro.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      Actually, McLean metro is the most highly biked-to metro station in Tysons. The bike racks are often near filled on weekdays. So the bikes are coming from somewhere. Given the location of where houses are (ie towards McLean not towards southern Tysons) it would reason that many cyclists are using Anderson Road, likely via Colshire Drive to avoid the mess that is 123

  • There is some work starting on the north side of The Kingston now. Big hole with steel piles driven. This lines up with the first section of “Main Street” on the development plan.

    • TheTysonsCorner

      I do have some news about Market St. but I need to wait a bit before making it public. It will make McLean station folks happy I think.

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