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Demolition Begins at Two Central Properties In Tysons

We have been hearing about the mini-city to be at the “Boro” for over a year, but to date no earth had been turned, and no construction begun on any of the nearly one dozen buildings associated with the Meridian project or it’s directly adjacent neighbors.


That changed recently when both Meridian and Dittmar began demolition at their respective properties at the old Booz Allen building on Greensboro, and the Best Western on Westpark. Both buildings have been abandoned eyesores for a while now; I doubt any one will miss them when they finally come down.


In their place — and replacing existing surface parking lots — will be a series of new high rises supporting new retail and residential units, including a flagship Whole Foods, a high end movie theater, and loads of amenities.

It is very exciting to see tangible progress, and it looks like 2016 is going to be a very busy year at the Boro.

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