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Construction Updates At Elan Tysons West

ElanJune02It’s only been three months since we last visited Greystar’s newest construction site in Tysons, Elan Tysons West. At that time the tower was a meager two-stories above ground. Practice seems to make perfect for Greystar’s second tower in town, as they have been able to climb nearly seven more floors since that time. The future 34-story high rise apartment is now the most prominent structure along Tyco Road, a portion of Tysons that remains primarily industrial and low-rise in nature.

The project seems to be on track to delivery by the end of 2016, adding new apartments to the growing residential market in Tysons and providing new retail space in the burgeoning neighborhood. A substantial portion of the tower’s structurally complete frame at this time is occupied by the future parking garage pedestal. Similar to Greystar’s first tower, Ascent, Elan Tysons West will have hundreds of parking spaces for future residents within the structure, but the presence of some much needed ground level retail will help break up the monotony of the base and provide beneficial and walkable shops for residents and near by employees.

The apartment component is just now starting to take shape with some of the large arc’d balconies and near 360 degree view units becoming more evident along the Tyco Road side of the building. The completion of the project will also mean the introduction of another street grid connection. Unlike previous street grid improvements from similar projects around town, Elan will provide real traffic benefits at completion by constructing an alternate connection between Tyco and Springhill Road, running parallel to Route 7. Unfortunately due to the Dulles Toll Road and existing neighborhoods in Great Falls, there will be no further continuation of that grid further west for commuters who routinely find exiting Tysons on Route 7 unbearable.


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