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Construction Update From Elan Tysons West

ElanWestJuly01The tower rising from a former asphalt laydown area along Tyco Road is officially one of the most prominent features on the Tysons skyline. Of course right now that’s not such a great thing considering Elan Tysons West has no facade installed and looks like a concrete mangle. Soon the glazing and stone work will begin to chase the tower skyward providing a better picture of what the future high rise will look like.

The front facing of the building, the side towards metro, is looking pretty good despite the massive parking pedestal the tower sits on. There will be some aesthetic improvements to the parking garage when the skin starts being constructed, as well as a significant improvement at the ground level where retail is proposed.

ElanWestJuly02At 21-stories the building is already one of the tallest in Tysons, and it still has 13 stories left to go before topping out. When completed it will be the tallest residential tower (as measured from the ground floor) in Tysons and one of the tallest in the region.

While the front facade will significantly improve the rear elevation of the building, that facing the aging strip mall along Tyco, will lag. That is because the tower is only the first in a twin set that will building pedestals directly adjacent to each other. How long it will take before the second tower begins construction is up in the air and dependent on market conditions, but if Greystar’s haste after constructing their first apartments in Tysons is any hint, it will be sooner rather than later.

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