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American Tandoor Opening At Tysons Corner Center

AmericanTandoor01Tysons has a lot of great international food options and the list is continuing to grow. The newest entry into the market is American Tandoor which is completing their renovation and fit out at Tysons Corner Center at the old Norton’s Restaurant location above CPK (or California Pizza Kitchen for those of you who haven’t grown up around Tysons). The change from a traditional chophouse eatery to ethnic fare is indicative of the changing demographics of the Tysons region which has seen a diversification in both cuisine and residents over the past decade.

The restaurant also is doing a small addition on the exterior of the mall to add outdoor seating on a new balcony above CPK. It is interesting to see how just a small change to the facade like this can fill out a blank space, and the addition of future eaters will help activate the exterior of what is now a dead space of the mall. The only obstacle to that is of course the not so pleasant view of the parking garage which makes even the most obtrusive Brutalist architecture look like a better option.

AmericanTandoor02There are several options to this available of course, my favorite of which would be complete demolition and replacement; but don’t expect that to happen any time soon as the mall depends on easy parking for their customer base. A easier transition could be a facade solution to the garage (more about this coming up soon).

American Tandoor is finishing staff hiring and completion of their renovation. Looks like opening day is planned for later this month on October 30th.

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