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Frank Muraca

May 12, 2014 

Virginia’s Labor Force Might Be Shrinking

This article was originally posted on Frank Muraca’s website Last year I responded to a post on Bacon’s Rebellion that raised alarms that Virginia’s economy was “tanking.” I argued that there really shouldn’t be concern over the idea that Virginia was on a death spiral while the rest of the nation was facing relative stability. […]

Aug 13, 2013 

Scandal is rare in Virginia – maybe that’s part of the problem

Yesterday, The Daily Progress published an article about the rarity of scandal in Virginia politics. “As far as I know, no governor has had to deal with a scandal similar to this one,” said Geoff Skelley, a political analyst at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “The only governor to ever resign the office […]

Aug 11, 2013 

Is Virginia’s economy tanking? Eh, probably not.

Over at Bacon’s Rebellion, D.J. Rippert asks if the state’s economy is tanking. I believe he was trying to portray the following evidence as cause for concern: If you don’t know by now, predicting how economies move is super hard – and I’m not even going to pretend to know where the Virginia economy is […]