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Jul 23, 2015 

Cityline Preparing To Demolish Another Building?

The folks at Cityline must have an appetite for destruction. A month ago they tore down an aging mid-rise office building on the Johnson Parcel, they tore down the old offices where the McLean metro parking is now, they tore down the outdated mushroom building on Anderson Road, and now they are fencing off their own […]

Jul 07, 2015 

Garfield Parcel By JLB Update and New Renderings

It’s taken a long time, extenuated by two tough winters and an off-season construction start, but Garfield Parcel at Scott’s Run Station is finally above ground! Yes, that is only a few feet above ground, but the most difficult components are now complete with excavation and foundation work now finished and vertical construction proceeding. The project […]

Jun 10, 2015 

Around the Corner

Today in Around the Corner: Wegmans returns to Tysons for plans on a future store, Scotts Run Station North gets a final nod, Tysons new mini-library, and a much needed interim cross walk installed on Anderson Road. [vc_row type=”” top_margin=”none”][vc_column width=”1/3″ top_margin=”none” css=”.vc_custom_1431604695256{border-right-width: 1px !important;border-right-color: #e87620 !important;}”][vc_column_text] Just When You Thought They Were Gone, Wegmans Gets […]

May 28, 2015 

Johnson Building On Colshire Drive Being Demolished

It came as a surprise, when I happened to be in the McLean Station area yesterday, to see another construction project underway that no one had been talking about. The aging and long abandoned Johnson Building on Colshire Drive was being ripped apart for demolition. The old building is directly next to MITRE Building 4 […]

Apr 18, 2015 

Demolition Begins at Commons of McLean

Watching old masonry construction demolished always provides a good show, but if you missed the demolition at Commons of McLean last week you’ve missed your chance. Crews took advantage of the good weather the past few weeks to not only demolish a large portion of the apartment complex (part of which is still occupied) but also began […]


MITRE Building 4 Installing Pre-cast Facade

It is a bit startling how quickly the facade of MITRE Building 4 is going up. The pre-cast panels that create the building skin have been piling up around the corner in the underused MITRE parking lot in preparation for installation. With that pre-cast concept comes a very quick assembly time which turned the steel […]


Capital One Foundation Excavation

There isn’t much buzz about Capital One’s soon to be 470′ Headquarters tower, but it will be sure to turn heads later this year as it begins to rise over the Capital Beltway and Tysons. When completed, Capital One Tower will be the tallest commercial building in the DC metro region and a symbol of the […]