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Jun 04, 2016 

Feb 23, 2016 

Dec 29, 2015 

Capital One Rising

You’d have to be oblivious to miss all the tower cranes located at the Capital One property in Tysons. For the past several months they have been hovering over a pit where the foundations and piers for the new high rise tower were being constructed, but metro riders and folks headed to work at the […]

Aug 16, 2015 

Capital One Construction Peeking Above Ground

Construction at the new 470′ headquarters of Capital One has progressed all summer and the new building might be a long way from peaking, but it’s just started to peek above ground. The entire region has it’s eyes on the new high rise tower, possibly the first in the DC Metropolitan to have a legitimate case […]

Jun 11, 2015 

Tysons Holds 1st Annual Sustainability Summit

The 1st Annual Tysons Sustainability Summit and Product Expo convenes at Capital One Headquarters in Tysons on Friday, June 12, 8:30am-6pm. Registration is now open. The event includes expert speakers and a display of new technologies and products. Admission is free. Lunch and an afternoon Happy Hour are provided. Tysons Partnership and Davis, Carter, Scott […]

Apr 18, 2015 

Capital One Foundation Excavation

There isn’t much buzz about Capital One’s soon to be 470′ Headquarters tower, but it will be sure to turn heads later this year as it begins to rise over the Capital Beltway and Tysons. When completed, Capital One Tower will be the tallest commercial building in the DC metro region and a symbol of the […]