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Planning Commission Hears Dominion Square Rezoning Case in Tysons

After six years, the Dominion Square project isn’t quite to the finish line yet, as it met with the Planning Commission last night. The project has had a long path to approval, dealing with major infrastructure like substation locations and pending the finalization of future Boone Boulevard alignments, as well as the normal complexities inherent to rezonings.

The proposed plan is for only the western land area of the overall project (which is divided by the Sunburst redevelopment, by others). The new project creates a significant street grid improvement, including the aforementioned critical grid link of Boone Boulevard, providing new connections between Route 123 and Route 7, allowing less dependency on the aging obstacle of the route 7/123 interchange. The new plan also meets the comprehensive plan goals by converting many surface parking lots, used largely for car sales, into full mixed use communities. Along with the rezoning comes a final development plan for a large athletic field at the southern and western boundary of the proposal.

There was one objection to the plans. The Greater Tysons Green Civic Association was concerned with the future impacts of the related, but not part of the approval, East Land Bay of the project. The alignment of Boone Boulevard and location of a recreational park on that portion of the property caused some impacts to the existing forest line and RPA between Tysons and Vienna. Due to this object, the project will need to wait another week until January 26th for a decision regarding final approval, in order to provide the Planning Commission enough time to review the complaint and concerns.

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Dec 19, 2016 
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